SAS Enterprise Guide

Duration: 30 hrs
Fee: 15,000 INR

SAS Enterprise Guide is the GUI front-end for SAS Base, and provides a click/drag/drop, menus and wizards interface for building SAS processes.

This training program is designed for business analysts with no SAS programming experience, as well as SAS programmers and statisticians. We have extensive experience in building process flows in Enterprise Guide for process automation and reporting purposes. 

Benefits of using SAS Enterprise Guide over SAS Base coding include,

  • Process flows: SAS Enterprise Guide process flows provide transparency of the process for ease of handover and greater understanding of the process.  Error reporting and quality control (QC) is built into the process to highlight issues in the processing and to ensure data integrity.
  • Scheduling and batch processing:  SAS Enterprise guide enables one-click scheduling of processes, with process statuses and output reports being emailed upon completion (or failure) of the process.
  • Publishing results (when connected to a SAS Server):  When integrated into a SAS Metadata server, results can be published directly to the server for distribution via portal.
  • Stored procedures (when connected to a SAS Server): When integrated into a SAS Metadata server, commonly used pieces of code can be packed into a stored process, with input parameters and published for others to use.

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Syllabus Content:

Querying Data Using SAS Enterprise Guide

  • set query options
  • open a query
  • select rows based on one or more conditions
  • select, order, and sort columns
  • define new columns
  • join tables in different ways
  • replace data values
  • group and summarize data
  • specify a parameter for a query.

Creating and Customizing Reports Using SAS Enterprise Guide

  • create detail reports
  • format variables in a report
  • create frequency reports
  • create summary reports
  • create graphs
  • specify result formats
  • create custom styles
  • use styles to customize your HTML results
  • create and apply custom formats
  • edit task code to add traffic lighting to a summary report.

Performing Statistical Analyses Using SAS Enterprise Guide: Examples

  • Summary Statistics
  • Distribution Analysis
  • t-Tests
  • One-Way Analysis of Variance
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Two-Way Analysis of Variance
  • Analysis of Covariance
  • Control Charts for Measurement Data
  • Control Charts for Attribute Data

Programming Using SAS Enterprise Guide

  • use the main Enterprise Guide windows and their features
  • write and submit SAS programs
  • edit and resubmit SAS programs
  • view log messages
  • apply various result formats and styles
  • add code and data to a project
  • edit code that is generated by a SAS Enterprise Guide task
  • insert custom code into task code
  • automatically add custom code before and after task and program code
  • edit code that is generated by a SAS Enterprise Guide query.

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