SAS Data Integration

Duration: 40 hrs
Fee: 25,000 INR

Whether use SAS Base programs with Macros, SAS Enterprise Guide, or SAS DI (Data Integration) Studio, have the skills, expertise and experience to deliver robust and automated ETL (Extract Transform Load) processes with status notifications and data QC (Quality Control).

This training program is designed for those SAS users leveraging the platform for SAS Business Analytics to collect, store, and cleanse data in preparation for reporting and analysis.

Successful candidates should be skilled in tasks such as

  • defining architecture of the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • creating metadata for source and target data
  • creating metadata for target data and jobs
  • working with transformations
  • working with tables and table loader transformation
  • working with slowly changing dimensions
  • defining generated transformations
  • deploying jobs.

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Syllabus Content:


  • Define the architecture of the platform for SAS Business Analytics.
  • Describe the available interfaces.
  • Define the change management feature of SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Discuss the DataFlux Data Integration Server.

Creating Metadata for Source and Target Data

  • Define administrative tasks to be performed for SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Describe the New Library Wizard.
  • Use Register Tables wizard to register source data.
  • Use Register Tables wizard to register metadata for a Microsoft Access database table using ODBC.
  • Register metadata for a comma-delimited external file.
  • Import and Export Metadata.

Creating Metadata for Target Data and Jobs

  • Describe features of the New Table wizard.
  • Discuss SAS packages.
  • Discuss importing and exporting of relational metadata.
  • Discuss components of Join's Designer window.
  • Investigate mapping and propagation.
  • Work with performance statistics.
  • Generate reports on metadata for tables and jobs.
  • Define Impact and Reverse Impact Analysis.
  • Import macro-based SAS code.

Working with Transformations

  • Discuss and use the Extract and Summary Statistics transformation.
  • Discuss and use the Loop transformations.
  • Investigate where status handling is available.
  • Discuss and use the Data Validation transformation.
  • Discuss and use the Rank, Transpose, Append, List and Sort transformations.
  • Discuss and use the Apply Lookup Standardization transformation.
  • Define the Concept of a Checkpoint.
  • Use the Compare Tables transformation.
  • Discuss transformations in the SQL grouping of transformations.
  • Apply and use the Standardize with Definition transformation.
  • Discuss the SCD Type 1 Loader.

Working with Tables and the Table Loader Transformation

  • Discuss reasons to use the Table Loader transformation.
  • Discuss various load styles provided by the Table Loader transformation.
  • Discuss various types of keys and how to define in SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Discuss indexes and how to define in SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Discuss Table Loader options for keys and indexes.
  • Discuss the Bulk Table Loader transformation.
  • Discuss components of the Join's Designer window.

Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions

  • List the functions of the SCD Type 2 transformation.
  • Define business keys.
  • Define surrogate and retained keys.
  • Detect and track changes.
  • Discuss the Lookup transformation.

Defining Generated Transformations

  • Define SAS code transformation templates.
  • Create a custom transformation

Deploying Jobs

  • Discuss the types of job deployment available for SAS Data Integration Studio Jobs.
  • Provide an overview of the scheduling process.
  • Discuss the types of scheduling servers.
  • Discuss the Schedule Manager in SAS Management Console.
  • Discuss batch servers.
  • List the applications that can be used to create and execute stored processes.
  • Describe deployment of SAS Data Integration Studio jobs as a SAS Stored Process.
  • Import SAS code.

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