SAS Base/Macro

Duration: 50 hrs
Fee: 10,000 INR

SAS Base (using SAS Macros)program is designed for programmers, analysts, data managers, or anyone writing SAS programs to access and manage data to perform queries and analyses. When combined with Macro Programming, which create re-usable processes, automate processing and handle dynamic data, code-bases can be created which contain as much functionality as purpose built software.

Successful candidates should have experience in programming and data management using SAS 9 and should be able to

  • import and export raw data files
  • manipulate and transform data
  • combine SAS data sets
  • create basic detail and summary reports using SAS procedures
  • identify and correct data, syntax and programming logic errors.

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Syllabus Content:

Introduction to SAS Programming

  • Basic Concepts
  • Using the Programming Workspace
  • Referencing Files and Setting Options
  • Editing and Debugging SAS Programs
  • Creating List Reports
  • Creating SAS Data Sets from Raw Data
  • Understanding DATA Step Processing

Producing Reports

  • Creating and Applying User-Defined Formats
  • Creating Enhanced List and Summary Reports
  • Producing Descriptive Statistics
  • Producing HTML Output
  • Creating Tabular Reports
  • Enhancing HTML Tabular Reports

Producing Graphical Reports

  • Creating Plots
  • Creating Bar and Pie Charts
  • Enhancing and Exporting Charts and Plots
  • Creating Drill-Down Graphs in HTML

Creating and Modifying SAS Data Sets

  • Creating and Managing Variables
  • Reading SAS Data Sets
  • Combining SAS Data Sets
  • Performing Queries Using PROC SQL
  • Transforming Data with SAS Functions
  • Accessing DBMS Data
  • Generating Data with DO Loops
  • Processing Variables with Arrays
  • Improving Program Efficiency with Macro Variables

Reading Various Types of Raw Data

  • Reading Raw Data in Fixed Fields
  • Reading Free-Format Data
  • Reading Date and Time Values
  • Creating a Single Observation from Multiple Records
  • Creating Multiple Observations from a Single Record
  • Reading Hierarchical Files
  • Reading Variable-Length Records

Handling Errors

  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors.
  • Recognize and correct syntax errors.
  • Examine and resolve data errors.

SAS Macro Language

  • Introducing Macro Variables
  • Processing Macro Variables at Execution Time
  • Creating and Using Macro Programs
  • Storing Macro Programs

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