Analytics Solutions

Easy Analytics Solution Labs provides a variety of simple-to-complex analytics services from structured, semi- structured and unstructured data management to sophisticated analytics consulting services; outsourcing benefits addressing proactive risk management, enhanced operational efficiency, smarter decisions, ongoing market intelligence and revenue maximization. we help our clients in the process of data collections, data management, data visualization, data exploration, statistical modeling, statistical data analysis, data interpretation and results presentation.

EASL is specialized in statistical research, analytical consulting, data analytics modeling. Our goal is provide high quality consultancy services and create value for our clients to extract information from their data and transform it into a more useful structure to create decision support system. We have expertise in various aspects of data analysis and statistics processes, which sets us apart from others.

Some reasons to use our services

  • high quality¬†statistical analysis¬†with professional and enjoyable experience.
  • The results of data processing are given a detailed interpretation that can be used.
  • Affordable solution with high quality result.

EASL specific service areas include

  • ETL, Data management & Data Quality
  • Standard & Ad-hoc Reports
  • Data Automation
  • Data Visualization
  • Analytics & Forecasting
  • Data Modeling

EASL are providing a combination of analytics, process re-engineering and technology to a range of clients across

  • Banking and Financial Services,
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences,
  • Consumer Product Goods/Retail,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Manufacturing and Services,
  • e-Governance

About us

Easy Analytics Solution Labs is data sciences company helping organizations uncover valuable insight from large amounts of data through complex data solution architecture. We provide data solutions for Acquisition, Extraction, Cleansing, Processing, Mining, Reporting and Modeling to give our customers a competitive edge. At the other end of the spectrum are information packs, which are used by middle-to-senior-management to make longer-term strategic decisions that matters.

EASL offers analytics training that can change your career. We offer comprehensive training packages on SAS Analytics and MIS & related application to build skills of student or professional to change their career graph. Our training program is designed not only for those with degree in Computer Science, but also for professionals from different backgrounds like B.A. & B.Sc. Programmers / Analyst who want to change their technologies to SAS should also attend this course.

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